Getting Excel Speech Recognition to Recognize Names

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For the Excel spreadsheet I'm working on, I need the speech recognition feature to recognize names that I say. I tried adding those names to the speech recognition dictionary in Windows 10 but when I went back into Excel, it still didn't recognize them. Does anyone know how to get these names added to a speech recognition dictionary that Excel will be able to link to? Thanks!

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If I am allowed, this may help you to find a solution.

Dictate text using Speech Recognition



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@NikolinoDE The link you provided does not explain how to add words to the speech recognition dictionary and make sure that dictionary is linked to Excel, but thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

Hope this info can help you

Speech Recognition Settings
Scroll all the way down

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@NikolinoDE Thanks very much! I discovered what the confusion was. Even after adding words to the dictionary, I had been using Win + H to dictate because I had read somewhere that that's what you're supposed to do. I finally realized that Win + H is completely unnecessary for my task and, in fact, counterproductive. Thank you for taking the time to assist.

I was happy to have helped you, even if only indirectly. Most of the time, when we talk about a problem, we end up finding a solution.

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@sfrydman I know the post is already quite old but if you are still struggling with the problem you may try Speech4Excel. The app can be used to enter data into Excel sheets.

It is available in the Windows App store (just search for Speech4Excel) or you check out the website.