Getting a value in one cell, if a cell matches a another cell.

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I'm looking for help coming up with a formula to solve the problem below...


In column A I have a list of names in a random order.

In column B I have a unique numerical ID number associated with each name in column A.

In column C I have the same names as column A but in a different order.


Then in column D I would like to create a formula that checks the adjacent name in column C, matches it against the same name in column A, and then takes the numerical ID in column B associated with that name, and puts that for the Value in the cell in column D.


The way my Data is kept and arranged I am unable to simply sort alphabetically and then paste the numerical ID so I am looking for a work around. 


Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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Hi Matt,

Assuming that the 1st name starts at the cell A1, Enter this formula in D1 "=VLOOKUP(C1,A:B,2,FALSE)" and drag it down.. You will get what you are looking for. hope this helps.



Thank you Rajashekhar!


That worked perfectly!

@Rajashekhar Sheelvant I'm struggling with a vlook up.  I would like it to look up column C, compare it to column A in another sheet, and return the value in column B from the other sheet?  Can you help?

Hello @Rajashekhar Sheelvant 

How would I get vlookup to ignore the first 1-6 matches and choose the next match if it already found a match and populated in C24-C30. The issue I am running into is I have 3 teams with three emp's each. If vlookup "C24-C30" already matched 3 to Abel, the first match, I can't get it to ignore and go to the next match??

Thanks in advance for any advice you have!