GETPIVOTDATA: is there a way to define an Item as "All" or "*"?

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I want to use GetPivotData to get numbers from a Pivot (well, that's what it is for, isn't it?), but I want to get summarized and non-summarised values using the 1 single and elegant formula. In other words:


Considering that its syntax is GETPIVOTDATA(data_field, pivot_table, [field1, item1, field2, item2], ...), is there a way to define an Item as "All" or "*"??? It would solve my problem.


Here you find an example of what I need. To be clear: my real problem is far more complex than this, with much more data and much more degrees of hierarchy. So, I have limited room to change Pivot Table or final output layouts...



Notice that GetPivotData is returning #REF! for some cells in my output table. Of course it is and I know why: there is no "SubCategory"="Total". How can I make the formula to understand that I want in this cell the total of "Category" using one single formula to all this column? It has to be a formula that understands when I want consolidations and when I don't...


Again, the final problem is far more complex than this. In this simple example, I can do it like "if (SubCategory is "Total"; GetPivotData up to "Category"; GetPivotData up to "SubCategory")". However, in a more complex scenario, it would result in an incredibly huge formula.


I hope, somebody could help.

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@Gervasio1977 Why insist on GETPIVOTDATA when you achieve the same by formatting the pivot table in a different way. On the design tab, choose Report Layout "Tabular" and "Repeat All Item Labels".


See attached.



Creating PivotTable I'd add data to data model


and with it for the resulting data as


in P24

     "[Range].[" &
         "Category].[" & N24 & "]"),
    "[Measures].[Sum of Sales]")

and drag it down