GetPivotData does not autofill

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Hello all,

I have searched and have not been able to find any other instance of this happening.  I am learning how to use GetPivotData (GPV) and every reference says that if I type = and then click on any cell in my Pivot table, the formula will auto complete.  This happened once for one column of my pivot table.  I was playing with things and turned off the Generate GPV and turned it back on.  I can only get cell references now.  I have rebuilt my PV, I have saved and closed and reopened my file.  Did I set my PV up incorrectly?  This is driving me crazy!! 

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Hi @ChristyM22 ,


you are right, if you have turned on the option "Use GetPivotDate functions for PivotTable references" in the Excel options, than it should generally work.


But it works only, if you click on a value field in your pivot table. If you try to do it with a row or column field, it won't work.


Maybe you can upload a screenshot or sample file, so we could better understand the issue. 

@Martin_Weiss Thank you so much!  I struggle with Pivot Tables to begin with, and all of the information I found about GPD all say to "click any cell in your table". Nothing specified that it had to be a value cell.  My table didn't have a value cell.  I redid the table and added a value field and it works perfectly.

I only referenced a calculated column from the source table in the original. 

Now I am thinking that GPD isn't the function I need for what I want to accomplish.  Back to the drawing board I guess.