Get the equation, extended use of formulatext?

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I've uploaded the spreadsheet for clarity. I'm looking for a specific answers, so please read carefully.

I want to get the equations used in a cell. I would like to know how to either:

  • Replace all cell references with the variable name (ie. change the formula in B32 to Calculated_Velocity*convert so formulatext in shows variable names
  • Add functions to formulatext to return result with either
    • the cell references (B31*B21) replaced with the cell name (=Calculated_Velocity*convert) or
    • cell references (B31) replaced with the VALUE in the "Variable" column (=V_s1*convert) 


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Since all your formulas are in one sheet you may use Apply Names


@mksodland Perhaps like int he attached file? Selected the entire table, and "Applied" all names from the Name Manager.

@Sergei Baklan @Riny_van_Eekelen 

Thank you both so much!! The screenshot really helped because I didn't realize I have to highlight all the names (but replace them manually one by one) when I tried that the first time. I noticed that shift+ click top and bottom (nor ctrl+) didn't work, and now that they are all highlighted (by shift+ click individually), I don't want to ruin it to test alternatives like alt+a.


Do you also know how to highlight all at once?

@Riny_van_Eekelen @Sergei Baklan 


Also, do you know how to automatically name a cell the name given to the right as it is being added? 


Like, when I add a new row to the table, the cell in BNew is named the value in Anew?


Unfortunately I don't know an answer on both your questions.

Highlighting - click/or "+" /or "-" buttons one by one, Ctrl and Shift affect nothing

Automatic naming - not if it exists with standard tools


In general related to names boxed were made ages ago and practically never modified, I'd do not expect advanced functionality in this interface.