Get Stock Prices Function - Excel 365 on Mac

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I am trying to use this function and while it recognises the ticker symbols I get no option to add column with the option of data sets i.e. price, close, 52 day average etc

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Hello, can you upload a screenshot of the ticker you're trying to fetch the information



See attached - you can see it recognises tickers but does not give any option to add any data fieldsScreenshot 2020-04-07 at 18.21.47.png



Yes, I can see that it recognized the tickers. 

When I tried to do the same here, I am able to see the Add Column to fetch data



I think the issue is probably associated with Mac. Not sure though

@Abiola1I have exactly the same problem.  I have Microsoft 365 and on my laptop it works, however on my iMac it does not give the Stocks or Geography Data Type.