get notfied what are the changes to a pivot table



i wonder if anyone would know of a trick or solution ???

i have a large pivot table (12000 rows) when not being filtered. the source is from a power pivot list of data.


question is when i update this table, can i get anything to show me what changes were made to it?

just the rows with changes only, and what the changes were


so anywhere, anyhow ?? ( easiest way if poss !!! ) to automatically show me the changes made.


for example:

row total goes up by 1000 it might show somewhere - on row 25 , 1000


just that only about 10% of the table will change and it would be very useful to know what those changes were.


any thoughts on this ???


many thanks for your help,


steve reeves

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Hello, something like this is what you need I think. 

2 tables, one with the new info and the other one with the previous info and check for the differences in a new pivot. 

This works only if the source of the information have the same amount of rows... I don´t know if this help you.