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How to solve the attached error in my MS office



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It would be an advantage if you also include your existing Excel version and operating system version. A little more information, but there are a little more suggested solutions.
Here is some information on how to communicate something.

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Stay safe with a genuine Office license

Note: If you already bought genuine Office, but haven't installed it yet, make sure you uninstall the counterfeit version and install genuine Office. If you already installed genuine Office, uninstall both versions and then reinstall the genuine version.


How to Remove Get Genuine Office Banner? 

That banner doesn’t always appear. Once in a while, I can’t see it when I start an Office app. Yet, it may reappear while I’m working on the Office documents. Have you ever received this warning message or are you suffering from it now? Why does this happen? And how to get rid of this issue? just continue reading. 


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