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I am trying to link external information from a url to my Excel spreadsheet, but for whatever reason the "Get data from Web" option is not showing up on my menu. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?


See attached a screenshot of what I'm getting. Shouldn't that option be appearing between the "From HTML" and "From Text" options?


I'm on Microsoft Excel for Mac, version 16.23 (19.03.09)


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Have you tried "From html"? Seems to me that is the one you need?

@Jan Karel Pieterse that was my first thought, but "from HTML" just prompts me to select an HTML file from a local folder. It doesn't give me the option to select a web link, which is what the "from Web" option allows.


This is so frustrating, every single tutorial I've been able to find clearly points users to the "from Web" option specifically, but it's simply nowhere to be found on my menu.

@pdramorim , Get Data from Web is Power Query connector, I'm not sure it is supported for Mac

@Sergei Baklan, I see. That would certainly explain why I can't see it on my end.


If that is indeed the case, that's actually even more frustrating. Is there no other way to have live information being fed from a website into my spreadsheet if I'm working off a mac?

@pdramorim , sorry, I never worked with Mac. Please check this user voice discussion if some comments help

exactly the same problem! @pdramorim 

@pdramorim Hello. I also work on a Macbook. Having exactly same problem. Did you ever find solution to your problem?

Afraid not @niyukt , had to eventually give up :(

@pdramorim Same problem! Have you found any other workaround? Thanks

@sferrero As mentioned in one of the previous posts, "Get data from the Web" is part of Power Query and is NOT supported by Excel for the Mac. So you may stop looking for it. If you want to get full Power Query functionality on a Mac, you need to set up a virtual Windows PC on it, via Parallels or Bootcamp, and run Excel from there.



I have the same problem, but according to this page, "Excel for the Mac incorporates Power Query":

@nwstephens Excel fo the Mac only incorporates a very limited PQ functionality. Connecting to the Web is not part of it.

I was having same problem after starting to use macbook. Although it can not completely be like directly importing from web page to excel, what you can do is- GO to webpage from where you want to import data from. Then right click( tap with both fingers in macbook) and choose save as button then save as html file after that you can import the page from data tab>>get access>>HTMl>>select the HTML file.   

@Riny_van_Eekelen im using the windows and on the web version of excel . i dont see "Get Data" either   on my data tab..


So far it is not implemented for Excel for web.

@Sergei Baklan 

@Sergei Baklan wrote:

@pdramorim , sorry, I never worked with Mac. Please check this user voice discussion if some comments help

This link no longer works.




I don't know why there's suddenly activity on this very old thread, but much has changed since it originated. The current update is no longer 16.23. Now it's 16.63.1 so you can see there have many intervening updates. 


I think the answer for version 16.23 and all versions including the current channel update version is to use the Menu Bar and choose Data > Get External Data > Run Web Query. For more information on how to build a web query, visit this page: Making and using Excel Web Queries (


Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 1.02.58 PM.png


@JimGMac Thought we were talking Power Query here. "Run web query" isn't really that. Or did I miss something?