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Hello All,


Anyone has any example VBA code to Get and Transform Data from pictures?


I tried to record opening a .JPG image, a receipt, and extract the data into a range but nothing of substance was recorded!!!

The data was imported really nicely except it had some issues with the % signs. The sales tax rate was interpreted as 8 0 / 0 instead of 8%. But that is the least of my worries. I am pretty impressed that it knew where the data is, and how many columns it needed, and even the font was imported properly, with boldness where it is bold in the image.


I know this is a new feature and that is why I am asking.


Thanks in advance for any clues.

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Hello @NikolinoDE,
Thanks for the links. Some gave me some ideas, others were simple questions that have not yet been answered. Yes I do understand that this feature in MS-Excel is on the new side, but I thought at least Microsoft would have had some examples.

But let me make my question a bit more understandable, I am not looking for any metadata out of image files, I am looking for importing image files, maybe receipts, or tables, or anything that MS-Excel might be able to import into a worksheet as free data to work with.

You said "...if this doesn't help, please just ignore it :)." Oh no! any exposure to any piece of code will always show you how others think about coding something, so I am always looking for these kinda gems because you can always learn something new.

Thanks for the effort! Much appreciated.


Since my understanding of the language is not quite sufficient to understand the question more precisely, I have sent you these links, which may be of some help to you.


However, I would ask and recommend that you send a more detailed description of your project (step by step), with photos if possible, or a file with an example. At the same time, with your permission, I encourage you to provide more information about your digital environment. Digital environment is: Excel version, operating system, storage medium, Excel file type, etc..


This could lead to a better proposed solution.


Thank you for your patience and understanding