Get all values from a column based on criteria

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I have a table and I am trying to get ALL values (duplicated or not) from a column in a different sheet based on criteria. The criteria are the highlighted columns in the first image below. 

The raw date looks like the other image.


I also have attached the file in case it helps.


Many thanks before hand!





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That could be

=FILTER(INDEX(Table1, SEQUENCE(ROWS(Table1)), IF($E$3="Time", {1,2}, {1,3})), COUNTIFS($C$3,Table1[CaseName]))


@Sergei Baklan 


Thank you very much! That works as desired.


Just one little detail...

How should I tweak the formula in order to only show the values and not repeat the case name to the left of each number?






Thanks again beforehand!

@Sergei Baklan 


Also, what if I had many more columns in he raw data and not just two?

Like the image below.






If you have Office 365 there is a FILTER function which I think will do what you want.


If you don't have 365 then see this youtube video which shows how to do this for older versions.


Hope this helps!






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If you have list of columns to select like this


formula could be

        XMATCH( TRANSPOSE($E$3:INDEX($E$3:$E$10,COUNTA($E$3:$E$10))),

Range E3:E10 is taken with some gap

@Sergei Baklan 


That works great, thanks very much.

@Jorglo , you are welcome, glad it helped.