Geography Heat Map by County issues

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working on a Geography Heat map using temperature data for each COUNTY (or borough in Alaska, or parishes in Louisiana) in the US...99% of the counties are showing up, but I can't get the following counties to populate in the heat there a listing of all geographical "county tags" that Excel knows and will understand? Note: the Data -> Geography will geolocate these inputs...I just can't get them to show up in a heat map then and they show as blank spots as seen below...


St Charles County, Missouri
Fairfax County, Virginia
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska
Bethel Census Area, Alaska
Yakutak Borough, Alaska
Chugach Census Area, Alaska




any insight would be great...thanks!


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That's nothing predefined here. Map Charts is quite sensitive to column names and data organization, as well as places names. That's as with search engine - depends on wording in search bar you may find what you need very fast or never find. 

If change data a bit some of your places are shown


Mainly for Alaska. On the other hand not all places in next level administrative divisions


If nothing helps that's only from Help -> Feedback to send a frown, perhaps Microsoft one day checks bing engine algorithm applied to Map Charts and improve it.

thanks @Sergei Baklan!  I was able to get the Alaska boroughs to show up at the state level...however if you change the map chart to the county level (series values =Sheet1!$E$7:$E$13), then it won't map at the county level for a few of the counties...I think Microsoft might need to update some geotags in their map county map chart as the below counties with a purple highlight should have data per the data table.




@Sergei Baklan ...another quick question, but on a similar subject...when I transfer a file with a large quantity of already geo-tagged cells (about 3000 US counties), the user I send the file to only sees #UNKNOWN in those cells, even though they have the correct version of Excel and should be able to open it just fine. is the geotag data linked to a supplemental file on my computer or something??





To my knowledge everything is done on the server, Excel only keeps in cache within current file results of the latest update (refresh). If next update fails for any reason you have an error.

Perhaps that could be due to different locale, e.g. you are on English US and another person on Spanish one.

Here similar issue was discussed, unfortunately without solution Geography data with #UNKNOWN! error - Microsoft Community


Sorry, but I don't know exact answer.

thanks Sergei for the link to that other post...that is the exact issue I am having...transferring files with a few geotags works fine, but many (3000+ for me) does not work and shows #UNKNOWN.