Generating word letters that include a variable data table

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Hi all,


I'm looking to create a Macro that would generate word letters but I need to include a table at the end.  I've seen mail merge and similar examples that essentially do a find/replace of key words, but I want to ensure that one recipient gets all affected line items in one letter. 


As an example, lets use the table below:


Affected ProductProduct BrandStore NameAddressCityStateZip
MilkFarm FreshCVS550 Somewhere LaneNew YorkNY15121
WaterDasaniCVS550 Somewhere LaneNew YorkNY15121
ShampooHead and ShouldersCVS550 Somewhere LaneNew YorkNY15121
MilkFarm FreshRite Aid201 First StSan DiegoCA15222


Lets say we are sending recall letters to the above stores but want the letter to list all affected products and their associated brand in a table.  IE CVS would get 1 letter with a table of 3 items and Rite Aid would get a letter with 1.  How would I go about doing this? 


Thank you in advance!

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