Generate forms filled with data from file

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I have enormous amounts of data spread accross (say) 4 columns in Excel. 


For example:


Name Surname Age City









I need to turn every single row into a form of the following kind (everything is dummy data, so ignore the nonsense):


Hello, [Name].

Your surname is [Surname] and you are [Age] years old.

Your hometown is [City]. 


I need to create a form in Excel that will be able to automatically take every entry in my table and turn it into a particular template as the one in bold above. Each of the generated forms will then be printed and become a shipping note that will be sticked to various boxes that my company delivers. I hope this makes sense. 


I don't know how to do this (I have no VBA knowledge). Could you help, please?

Thank you!


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You could use mail merge in Word, with the Excel data as source.

See for example Print labels for your mailing list 



I want to underscore the advice you got from @Hans Vogelaar 


In fact, he wasn't strong enough, only stating that "you could" use Mail Merge.


I'll say that not only should you use Mail Merge, you should not even think of looking any further for a VBA routine to do this in Excel. You'd just be reinventing the wheel, and not doing anywhere near as good a job.


Microsoft has done that job for us, in Word's Mail Merge, along with Excel as the data source. And it's a marvelously flexible tool, as you'll find if you explore it just a little bit. For the forms you want to create, it will be a breeze, but you'll just be scratching the surface.