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Hello, I'm new to making Gantt charts so apologies if this is a straightforward question!


I have my Gantt chart in Excel made from a stacked bar chart, but wondering how I can format it so that consecutive tasks for the same project appear in the same row? e.g. a task ends on 7 Jan, the next one starts on 8 Jan and is the next phase of the project so I'd like them to appear side-by-side.


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Creating a Gantt chart in Excel where consecutive tasks for the same project appear in the same row can be achieved using a stacked bar chart, but it requires some data formatting and settings adjustments. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Data Preparation: Organize your data with a unique identifier for each project or task group and ensure that tasks for the same project have the same identifier. Your data might look like this:



Start Date


Project A

Task 1



Project A

Task 2



Project B

Task 3



Project B

Task 4



  1. Create a Stacked Bar Chart: Select your data and create a stacked bar chart. The "Start Date" column should be used for the horizontal (X-axis), and the "Duration" column should be used to define the lengths of the bars.
  2. Format the Chart: Now, you will need to adjust the formatting and settings of the chart:
    • Series Overlap: Select the data series for the "Project" column in the chart and adjust the "Series Overlap" option. You may need to set it to 100% overlap. This will make the bars appear side-by-side.
    • Category (X) Axis Labels: Ensure that your X-axis (horizontal axis) labels are in date order.
  3. Adjust Legend and Data Labels: If you have a legend in your chart, you may want to customize it or remove it, as it's common for Gantt charts to have project or task names directly on the bars. You can add data labels to your bars, and adjust their positioning and formatting as needed.
  4. Fine-Tune and Customize: Depending on your specific requirements and the version of Excel you're using, you may need to fine-tune the appearance of the chart, such as adjusting colors, labels, and other formatting options.
  5. Update Data: As your project progresses or changes, update the data accordingly, and the Gantt chart should adjust automatically.

By following these steps, you can create a Gantt chart in Excel where consecutive tasks for the same project appear side-by-side in the same row, allowing for clear project visualization. The text were edited with the help of AI.


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