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Hi. I have created a dailywise progress report of a project using conditional formatting for estimated and actual progresses. The project is of approx 6 months duration. The project being a lengthy one, it is not possible to print the whole progress in a single page. For that purpose, I have created a dynamic calendar showing 12 months at a time upto the year 2049 in the next worksheet. Now I am unable to use any formula across these two worksheet. My aim was that the calculations in the first sheet (Actual) will be displayed in the calendar of 2nd sheet as colour fill just like the first sheet. The first month and year of the calendar should be automatically selected from the start date of project (from the first sheet), so that the total progress can be be shown in single page itself. Additionally suggest me how can I create a database for such multiple projects?

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@lodhnerist , Hi

Sorry if i may not be addressing your specific issue, but i gather that your main intent is to be able to make a Gantt chart for a long project which is easy to print on single page.

Consider making the Plan vs. Actual sheet itself a bit flexible in terms of "Step Days" so that you need not think about the calendar view at all.

I was able to make such a flexible template in which you may print status of a long project on 1 page.

Attaching it for your reference, so that it may give you some hint / clue. If it helps!


when step days is 1 :-




and when step days = 7 (week) , the shedule shrinks :-




Thank you a lot @amit_bhola I think it will work for me for this project. But not getting how  to include stepdays in my Chart. Will you please suggest. I have already included weekend using NETWORKDAYS.INTL.


Guide for my chart:

If you go through my chart i think u will get it, where D6 is the only input for the plan (Estimated) and whereas D7, E7, D9, E9, D11, E11, .............. D27, E27 are the inputs for Actual. Chart starts (F5) using the value of D6.  


Please suggest.