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Hello everybody,

I'm doing a gantt chart page in order to a graph, but first i tried to simplify the source of data on the page. I tried for the name of project to give the starting date and ending date by a recherchev on the data source's page. But they tell my that there is errors, i modified the formula but nothing to do. 

Thank you for helping me

Formula : =RECHERCHEV(A2;PP!A5:E1048576;1;FAUX)

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@RSEdevelpper Move the "Nom project" column in the PP sheet to the far left. Then use this formula in B2 on the Gantt sheet and fill down:




in French that would be:



Ohhhh i see, i kney that a data must be on the left for VLOOKUP, but i thought it was for the one we are looking for.
Tank you for your answer again !

@RSEdevelpper Yes, although there are some tricks if you want to lookup to the left.  In case you are using Excel MS365 or 2021, consider using XLOOKUP. Much more flexible.