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I created a Gannt chart using the simple Gannt chart template for staffing.  As the weeks progress, I am finding that the date moves but the data in the cells does not.  For example, people marked as being on vacation one week are then marked incorrectly when the weeks move forward.  Is there a way to have the week AND data associated with those days move forward so that the information remains correct? Hope that makes sense.

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@SarahP1109 Which template might that be? Can you provide a link to where you found it?

The template I used is: SIMPLE GANTT CHART by

@SarahP1109 OK! I found the template but have difficulty picturing how you use this for tracking staff and vacation etc. Can you include a screenshot showing how you use this template. Or even better, share a link to a file on OneDrive or similar. Just make sure replace any private and confidential information with fake information.

Thank you for your help.  Here is a screen shot of the table we are using.  The staff names are on the left, and I Have input numbers for the days they are n and letters when out so I can tally the numbers for each day.  When the chart dates advance with each new week, the numbers/letters associated with those days do not advance.  So the data for the week of 11/28 ends up in the week of 12/5.  Does that make sense?  I was wondering if there was a way for the week and the data to advance together.




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@SarahP1109 But you shouldn't put anything in the grid of a Gantt chart. Everything is driven by conditional formats, based on the start and end dates in E and F and the dates in row 5. Putting numbers and characters in the grid are just that. Numbers and characters in the cells were you entered them. The is not time intelligence in those cells that could connect them the dates in row 5 that, in turn, are controlled by cell E4.


Better to use a regular calendar template, though there are many useless types of calendars available on-line. So, you have to pick one that suits your needs. But it's not going to be a Gantt chart.


Thank you for that explanation, it sounds like maybe this isn't the right chart to use.