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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Fuzzy match-output/match columns not loading

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I added Fuzzy Match to excel, but the match/output columns won't load.  Is there something I need to do under configure?  It works, but brings in all columns from both sheets.

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The image is not displaying the entire options, but here is a checklist of what's needed:

1. Make sure both datasets are converted to tables

2. A link exists under Matched Columns for the lookup, you would need to click on the column names and then click on the center button


3. Control what columns are returned in the Output Columns and the threshold below

Actually, it just started working.  I don't know why it wouldn't load before.  Thank you!





@J-Ash I added a column to the second table. Fuzzy Lookup wasn't recognizing the new column. I closed and re-opened the file and the new column was there. I think Excel cache has something to do with why new columns aren't recognized unless you close the file and re-open.