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I have a question about the IF function

I need to program a cell with this conditioning IF((J13<=15);(I13*J13);(I13*15). Note that i want to limit the factor in 15.
I want that this conditioning only occours when i select "unjustified" in other cell (H14) in a collumn configured with VLOOKUP function, if negative, i want the cell to show "0"

My Excel is in PT-BR

Can someone help me?
Thank you.

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@gandriol Hope all is well!  This might help: 


=iF(H14<>"unjustified",0,if(J13<=15,I13*J13,I13*15)).  Hopefully this helps but let me know if I have misunderstood anything.


=IF(H14="unjustified", I3*MIN(J13, 15), 0)