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Hi. I need help with writting a formula. I have a table with 2 or 3 columns. In the first column i have the same number in some cells,but i don't know for sure which cells. In the second and third column i have data that is different in each cell but is connected with the same number from the first column.
What i need is a function or formula that can help me with putting all data from each cell from second and third column, in a row connected with one from the same numbers.

Colum A B C
1) 1 yellow
2) 4 ....
3) 1 pink
4) 7 .....
5) 9 .....
6) 1 green

Solution that i need:
Colum A B C D
1) 1 yellow pink green

Every help will be appreciated.
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@JOVANAAI9960409 Hopefully you have Excel 365:


see attached

@mtarler it doesn't work, because data in one cell of all, is with bigger length. Is there any solution for that to. My example is to match ID with email addresses.


Thank you


I'm sorry I completely don't understand what or why it didn't work. could you please give a sample to show why it didn't work.

@mtarler I found a function that solve my problem.

The function is  =TEXTJOIN(" ",1,if(A2:A10=E2,B1:B10," ")) .

Sorry for the late response.


Thank you.