Function IF then SUM of the values newly attributed?

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Hi !


So I'm an excel newbie and I'm trying to create a formula to help with the scoring of a questionnaire.


Basically people attribute values from 1-6 to the questions and I need a formula that (1) allows me to attribute a binary value depending on their answer (so for example if they answer 4 it'd be 1 and if they answer anything else it'd be 0) and (2) then sum these binary values into one neat cell.


I got the first part right with the IF function but what I get from it is a new column of cells with these binary values. Is it possible to get the sum of the binary values right from the get-go (and if so how do I do that?) or do I need that extra step of that new column with all the binary values and then a second formula to add them all together?

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Let's say the scores from 1 to 6 are in D2:D100.

The number of 4's in this range is


=COUNTIF(D2:D100, 4)


No helper cells with IF formulas needed.

Oh right, that's much easier than what I was doing ! Thank you very much for your help.