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I want to have a SUMPRODUCT function with several matrice, and one of them is comparing 2 dates but i wanna add 1 month to one of them:

=SUMPRODUCT(Range;([Actual end date range]<EDATE([Previsional end date range];1)*(other matrice i use))


But it doesn't work, because Edate doesn't seem to work in Sumproduct...
Any idea how I can bypass this issue ?

Thank you in advance for any help !

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Is this similar to what you are looking for?

sumproduct and edate.JPG 

Not really, as I'm trying to compare 2 dates while in your example I only see 1 date ?
Also I've attached an example excel sheet so it's easier to understand what I'm looking for


EDATE works with single cells only, not with a range of multiple cells.

Workaround: add a column with EDATE formulas to the raw data.

See the attached version.


=SUMPRODUCT(('Raw Data'!$B$2:$B$116="Closed")*('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$116="Critic")*('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$116<'Raw Data'!$I$2:$I$116))

I'd insert an additional column in sheet "Raw Data" for the EDATE, in the attached file it's column I. Then the above formula returns the intended result. Column A in sheet "Raw Data" isn't required since SUMPRODUCT counts the number of occurrences.