fUNCTION ALLOWING to check the value of a letter which as the first position in a word

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Hi Guys, i'm searching in excel the function which allows me to check the the value of a letter which has got the first position in a word. can you help me please ?

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Do you mean you are trying to find the ascii value of the first letter of a word?
If yes, assuming the word is in cell A2 then try this...


= LEFT(word, 1)

returns the first letter of the word.  You could then compare it to other letters, or use it in formulas such as that shown by @Subodh_Tiwari_sktneer (returns the ASCII code).  In other contexts, it is possible to search using wildcards so the string

= LEFT(word, 1)&"*"

might be used to search for any other word that has the same initial character as the current word.

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As a comment




both return the same value. 

I personally always prefer to use UNICODE(), but in most cases that doesn't matter.

That could be the basis for other manipulations. For example, to check if first character is alphabet character or not (only for English)