Freezing Row Data in a Pivot Table

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    Ok, so I'm currently trying to build a Pivot Table for benefits recon.  Everything is in place, but I need each row of data to stay in the designated row as I filter through multiple agencies and reconcile for each check date.View "All Agencies"View "All Agencies"View "UHH Agency Only"View "UHH Agency Only" 

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@TJonesAOC You can not. A pivot table is "re-calculated" in place as soon as you apply a filter or collapse/expand a group. Rows are not synchronised with data entered outside the pivot table. You would have to put the Agency at the top of the Row area and work your way down without filtering/collapsing.

Or choose a totally different approach using a structured table and apply a filter on the Agency column. How exactly depends on the underlying data.