Freeze Panes (Both Rows & Columns)

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Hey guys, I am currently facing a problem to freeze panes. You can see from the picture attached below, I would like to freeze the columns after year as well as the rows below the table heading. I select the cell (with 5%) but it freeze the whole things up until the rows above (where my subject & title above already being chopped off if I scroll to the right in this case)

Anyone know how to solve this problem? I want it to be freeze so that I can see the subject up there as well as the number of years still when I scroll to the right 

Thank you. 

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 11.55.53 AM.png

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Hi @Jesling 


this is just the way how freeze pane is working. If you have large subjects, like in your case, it will always be chopped off, when you scroll. There is no way to avoid that (apart from reducing the font size of the subject etc.)