Freeze Excel formula when criteria met

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Hello Guys


Might be easy but i have a headache here 



I want the "Days in transit" Colum to stop updating the formula when I select the Yes answer in the "Arrived at destination" Colum currently the formula on "Days in transit" is "=TODAY()-G2"


Screenshot 2022-12-21 143811.png


i have tried =IF(L3="yes","","=TODAY()-G2") 


but i don't think the formula is correct 


I'm out of ideas 



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Maybe like this.







thank you that helped

Now I just need it to stop counting when yes is selected in "Arrived at destination" 


the no logic is working correctly so its something i need to put in the middle i believe 


=IF(L3="yes","__not sure  what to put here__",TODAY()-G3)

If possible please update date of arrival in column and rephrase the formula as below
IF "date of arrival" column >0 then, date arrival - G2 else TODAY()-G2
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Instead of No/Yes in the Arrived at destination column, I'd leave it blank initially, and enter the date of arrival when the item has arrived. You can then use



hey this worked thank you all