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Hi all,

I have the following situation: I have a list of future potential projects that we could be hired to do, and then I keep track of how many we have actually been hired for on a counter.

Using this, I would like to record what was the value of the counter at the end of each month (kind of like freezing the value of the counter at the end of each month). Is this possible?

Alternatively, I guess I could also count how many projects we were hired for each month and then add them up to get a cumulative count, but I don’t know how to count that in an automated way either.

Any help will be extremely welcomed! Thanks!
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@sergi0 Many ways to achieve this, and it all depends on how exactly your data is structured. If, for example, you have a list of projects with at least a column for the win date, you could create a pivot table that counts all the projects won by month. The attached workbook contains a simplified example, with data in one sheet and a summary in another. Perhaps something you can use.


If this makes no sense at all, please upload a workbook with a representative sample your data. and please mention the Excel version you are on.




A file (no image) template (without sensitive data) from you, as well as the Excel version and operating system, would be advantageous.

Describe your project in detail on the basis of this file.

You get a quick and precise solution proposal and the helper does not need to invest time for the basic one. This helps everyone indirectly.


You would like tenders vs. surcharges per month, that would be the basis. but what about the tenders? which are public and which are secret?
How are the awards awarded, directly or indirectly?

However you know better than I how many questions could arise, so state what exactly you want.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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