Free Resources - Understanding the Box Plot Graph in Excel


Below are free resources that may help you understand how to use the box plot graph in Excel to analyze and understand trends in your own datasets.


- Which Statistics Does the Box Plot Use to Analyze My Data?


- What Does the Box Plot Tell Me After Analyzing Data?


- Can the Box Plot Analyze My Data for Trends Over Time?


- What Online Resources Can Help Me Do Box Plot Data Analysis?


I hope these box plot graph data analysis resources get you started analyzing your own datasets. Contact me with a box plot analysis question you have about your data.


You may have questions after trying the FREE Find Outlier Box Plot Analysis Template and dataset in the Box Plot Graph Templates Online Store.


Data visualization templates will help you create graphs and charts to understand and communicate box plot analysis findings.

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@cool2021 Please refrain from promoting your business and inviting readers to use your templates in exchange for money. In stead, use your skills to help others, FOR FREE. That's what you are supposed to do on this forum. If you haven't understood that you better take your business elsewhere, please!

@Riny_van_Eekelen , as my post title indicates: FREE RESOURCES: Understanding the Box Plot Graph in Excel - every single link in it is to a free resource about the box plot and Excel, including a free template and free business case in which I show how Excel can work to do box plot analysis. No one is expected to pay for anything when clicking these links: they get free information as per the title in each. The other templates are custom ones for a special purpose project: but they do show how Excel can be custom programmed to do box plot analysis.