Found some glitch in Formula "=NETWORKDAYS.INTL"

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When i use this fomula we have to put this details:

Start data  i.e  21-12-2021

End Date  i.e    31-12-2021

Weekend  i.e  1

Holiday  i.e   21-12-2021 

Answer = 8 Working Days Suppose is Cell  A1


Now Use Function =Workday.INT"

Start Date i.e 21-12-2021

Days  i.e  A1

Weekend  i.e  1

Holiday   :    21-12-2021

Answer is 31-12-2021 Why?

 If In work day function i change holiday date from 21 to 22 then Answer is 3-1-2022 Why????

Ever date is mentioned in different cell and given ref in formulas

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@Rakesh891 Perhaps I'm not the best at explaining this but NETWORKDAYS.INTL calculates the number of working days between two dates. Let's say both start and end date are Tuesday, December 21 (ignore holidays). The function will return 1, because the one day period covers 1 working day.


WORKDAY.INT, on the other hand, counts the number of working days, as from (but excluding) the starting date. So, with the same start date it adds 1 day to arrive at Wednesday, December 22. The picture below demonstrates what happens in your specific example (start date 21-Dec, adding 8 working days with two different holidays).

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 07.47.04.png

Thanks sir for such early and helpfull reply. I know how this formula work but my concern is this formula is taking start date in its formula then why such things happen. Why we have to check inclusion exclusion because in big data we cannt check on eveeythingy

@Rakesh891 If I simply deduct one date value from another, let's say 21-Dec minus 21-Dec, the answer is zero. Mathematically 100% correct, but if I want to express the number of days covering the time period I would want to see 1. So, it is the human being at the keyboard who needs to decide which function to use, understand it and add 1 or not depending on the circumstances. Similar in your case. Two different functions, two different interpretations. It's your call.

Yes true... But if i take holiday on 22nd then why answer change because total hoilday remain same

@Rakesh891 Did you look at the picture I uploaded? With 21-Dec as a holiday, it coincides with the start date that is excluded anyway.

Yep. I got meaning that if u take start date and holiday date same then this formula gonnna ignore that date