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Hi guys


Is there anyway to make a number/text from a table not change? For example I have the following table below and a formula in cell C4 showing =A1(10).


Is there anyway to make C4 show 10 even if Cell A1 changes its number? Can you make a formula constant and unchangeable with the original number even if the cell changes?



C4 =A1



A1 =10

A2 =11






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Why you not simply write the number 10 in cell C4 or cell $C$4 or cell C$4?


When you enter =A1 in C4, that formula means: return in C4 whatever value is stored in A1. So, if the value in A1 is 10, the formula in C4 also returns 10. If the value in A1 subsequently changes to 11, the result in C4 also changes to 11


If you want the value in C4 to remain 10 although the value in A1 changes to 11 or another value, do not enter a formula in C4, simply enter 10

Hi Bob


I need it to automate. For example my rep count for Pull ups is 9 as per below. What I want to do is mark off the date completed section to show I have completed that exercise. From there the data will and pull through onto a table.


In two weeks (based on my formula) my Rep count could change which would effect all the 2 weeks data because the table will change to the new rep count.


Sorry very confusing but I hope it makes sense. I need the data to automate but not change if my rep count changes. It will save me creating a new Workout template every time the rep count changes.