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I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will use a master list of data across two columns and then sync with other pages in the same workbook to produce mini lists for each subset of data. 


Ultimately I want to have one list with the source data e.g. 



That then links to other sheets but auto fills when the user starts typing the code in across three cells e.g. user would enter the data into 'unit code' area below and once the pattern had been identified in cell B5 the information would automatically fill into cells C5 and D5




I believe this can be done using an IF formula and Vlookup but am just not sure how to execute this. Any help on where to look or how to do this would be great! 

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Not as fancy as you have described, but for autocompletion purposes you can use an INDEX/MATCH formulation.


Please see attached workbook with proposed solution.