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Hello, I am Ismail from Iran. My job is accounting and I use the Excel 2016 program and we are in the business of buying agricultural products. We buy the agricultural products of at least 500 gardeners every year. Therefore, in the Excel program, each sheet is related to a person and the input product and the money that We will pay him. Because of this, I want the names of all the gardeners to be written on the first sheet and each of them has a code. It is possible to change it easier and more general from sheet 1 to 01 and sheet 2 to 02 and to sheet 500 to the number 500 and so that By clicking on the number 500 in the first sheet, it will go to the same gardener's page, and the second question shows the money paid for each gardener at the bottom of the same page, and the sum of that page in the first sheet in front of the same code.

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