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=Z3:Z124/2*1,8*(1-33%) this is the formule i use without any problems. When i type 0 in the cell appears 0.

When i add =Z3:Z124/2*1,8*(1-33%)+28,14 the result is correct but in the empty cells appear 28. When i type 0 it's still 28

What's wrong with the formule. When i type 0 it has to be 0.

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0+28,14 returns 28,14. Why it shall be 0?

@Sergei Baklan 

1st formule when i type 0 in W in Z appears 0

73 become 44 - 0 become 0

2de formule in Z stands always 28

73 become 72 but when i type 0 it's 28 - when i correct the 28 by 0, i become #######


In the file I didn't file formulas from your post and column Z is empty. Where they are?


it's just an example


Perhaps I missed something, but in your sample file everything works correctly.  Could you please indicate which exactly cell in the sample file returns not expected result and what it shall be.

@Sergei Baklan 

The are some koloms hidden, I've already find a solution by typing -47 and then the formula give 0.