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I am using the following formula to track sou singles bowling tournament.

=AVERAGE (210-E2)*90%+ROUNDDOWN(F2,0)

The average function when done is 47.7, which should be rounded down to 47.  Excel keeps rounding up to 48.   What am I doing?

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The formula as you present it calculates an average and then adds the rounded(down) value of whatever is in F2. So, what's in F2?


Perhaps you want it this way:

=ROUNDDOWN(AVERAGE (210-E2)*90%,0)

When apply Average formula it gives results 37.7 or with XX.XX decimals and added with round down (example result 10), in that case, result will be 37.7 + 10 = 47.7 , to get round off figure
prefix with round formula
=round(AVERAGE (210-E2)*90%+ROUNDDOWN(F2,0),0)

Average formula have not rounded, that is why getting decimals

Second part of Rounddown formula only rounded figure, 



It works for tne one cell.  Copy/paste  gives the same number for rest of column

1YOLANDA SULLIVANS5815747.0         
2KEVIN RICKSM5718847.0         
3DANNINE PRITCHARDF6015847         
4MARTHA WILLIAMSF5714847         



Thanks for the help.  It still rounds up if .06 or more and down if .05 or less.  I added another column to the right of the calculation and stipulated no decimals and blacked out the other column.

@LEEWOOL Not sure I follow. Is the problem solved?