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Hi everyone i have been trying for days to come up with the right formula for a page i have made up. I play darts for sports and you can see i have done an example. As you can see player 1 and 2 both have 3 rows of numbers which we call legs and player 3 and 4 only have 2 that is because you can win 2 legs straight or you have to play a 3rd leg as both players have won 1 leg each but what I am after is a formula where under W/L in column AB it will automatically work that if there is only 2 legs with 501 it is a W and if there is 2 legs 499 or under it is a L, and where there are the 3 legs the formula needs to work out that if there is 2 legs with 501 and a 499 or under that it is still a W and like player 2 if it is only 1 leg with 501 and the other 2 are 499 and under it is a L. It doesn't matter if player 3 and 4 have the 3 legs and so on as they change all the time. I hope that someone can put me on to the right formula.  Thank you 


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I'd like to ask you to help us help you. You can make our lives easier (and get a better chance of receiving help) by two things:
1. Please use more interpunction (shorter sentences) in your text, your current message is very hard to understand.
2. Please upload an Excel file rather than a screen-shot.

i think you could use an equation like:

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that said, if you wanted to make your sheet easily adaptable to a game of 301 or 701 etc... It seems clear that cells in column X would only be filled in for the winner so you could use:

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Hi thank you for getting back to me and I apologize greatly, I was trying help people understand how darts worked in scoring to know what I was after and I tried once before on different section and no one understood me, and yes I now know how to put examples up a lot easier. Sorry it made things hard for some to understand.


Thank you that equation is what I need.