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Good Day I am having an issue with some formulas that I need to write to get the data on my spreadsheet to work. I have a sum formula right now in lets say d2 that is working alright but i need to add a few more cells that will change the totals. i have the totals in d4 and i have a formula in there now to compute d2,d3 data buit i need to add secondary cells to this formula that will also change the total amounts. does anyone in here know how i could go about doing that ?



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Hi, can you post a sample of the data you're working with and if you could describe how you want it to work. I can't decipher entirely from your questions what you want each column to represent.

For example, what is D2 a sum of/what do you want it to be, what do you want D3 to be, what do you want D4 to be, etc.

I'm sure we can figure out how to accomplish what you need, just need a little more info!

Thanks - Dustin