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first, I would like to thank you all for your effort 


 your support regarding this issue is highly appreciated 


  • Device and OS platform, Windows 10 
  • Excel product name and version number 2013
  • Excel file you’re working with: sample file 


Note: The contained data is Railway Industry 


need insight on these macros codes and how they work.

- you will find a copy of the file attached  



Thank you in advance... 






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Macro: Report
- Filters the Raw table on last two columns ("Valid" and True respectively)
- Sets outline level to 1 to hide columns
- Deletes table on Report sheet
- Copies visible cells to Report sheet
- Removes filters on Raw sheet
- Unhides columns
Macro: Clear_Raw_Table: empties current Raw table
The other macro's are not needed as far as I can tell.
Thank you Jan Karel Pieterse,, really appreciate your help