Formulas for working out task times in a job

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Below I have attached a file with an example of what I'm looking to great, I have added info to my sheet also,  ill try explain what I'm looking for here also,  I need a formula  that can identify the number of tasks i have done and with the time it took return how long each task took, 

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Hi @Norman_Glenn ,


I'm not sure if I understood properly, but in any case, I added a formula to sum the quantity of pallets that you managed and calculate how many time it took per pallet (just divided the quantity of minutes by the amount of pallets). 


Note that you were using a "Time" format to calculate the quantity of hours for each job, which is inaccurate, so I converted for a "Number" format and inserted the amount of time in minutes. 


Please, provide some additional context about the information that you need and if these formulas are on the right path to achieve your solution. Also, if you have the option to use Macros in your file, we could try to figure a solution evolving VBA.

rzaneti thank you for your reply, what you have giving me does work but their a part I need to add to the sum witch i am having the problem with, if I delivered 1 pallet that would be 1 task, if i delivered 1 and removed 1 that would still be 1 task, and if i delivered 10 and removed 20 then that would be 20 tasks not 30, is their something that can be added to the sum to reconse this
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Hi @Norman_Glenn ,


Thank you for the clarification. I edited the formulas: now we are catching the "maximum" value among the delivery/remove/wrapping and using as the total of tasks. Please, check if it is correct and let me know if you need any changes. 

Great help and thank you, used the max formula on the delivered and removed pallets and added the warped pallets, =MAX(B5:C5)+D5