Formulas for multiple savings goals with limits and overflows

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I am trying to create a tracker for my savings account that lists multiple categories (goals) and automatically calculates my progress whenever I add money to that account. This is what I'm trying to accomplish:


I want each goal (C5:8) to calculate a percentage of the "ending savings" amount that does not exceed the goal amount to the right (=min formula). But once a goal reaches its limit there will be a remainder that won't be calculated into the other categories since they have a set percentage amount as well, right? I need to find a way that limits a cell to the goal number, but then "sends" whatever remainder that cell calculates to another category. Is that possible? Let me know how I can clarify better

Screenshot 2022-07-20 142758.jpg

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You don't specify how the percentages should be allocated. Perhaps as in the attached workbook?