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Do I need formulas for Column B & F?  This is the formula I wrote for Colum. n E but I am not sure that this is correct. 

Column B FY Base (1) should have amount of S3,726,408 Column C Participant increase (5%) (2) Column D Other Processing (3) Column E 5.3% DOT Mgmt (4)  This the formula I wrote for for this =(238*137.12*5.3*12) + (2134*161.25*5.3*12) Column F Distribution (5) Column G Addendum Total Column F: Must have this amount $3,966,016.

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As of this writing your question has had 70 views and zero replies. I suspect that the absence of replies is due to the lack of clarity in your question. Could you take another pass, perhaps (ideally) setting forth more in a line-by-line basis what's in each of the cells you name. As it is, it reads like a run-on sentence that is at best confusing.


Maybe give a little bit of context too: what do the various numbers represent? Are we dealing with financial data, engineering data, something else?