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hello @everyone

I'm hoping to see if someone can help me. I'm trying to recreate an old board game that I cannot find anywhere. I want to create a spreadsheet with 18 rows nine columns the first column would have numbers one through 9, the second column would have numbers 10 through 19 third column 20 through 29, and so on until we reach 90. There would be approximately, I believe, 162 cells, and I would have to fit those 90 numbers in those amounts of cells with the rule that in each row, there must be a minimum of five numbers and a maximum of 6 numbers to each row. How would someone write out that formula? Or is the procedure just as simple as randomizing one through 90 in a 162 cell chart? This is my first time reaching out on a forum like this. I've reached out to a couple of you tubers to see what works and or what sticks to the wall. I appreciate any help you can provide.

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