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Hi! I would like to convert this number 1,184893 in this 1,18%, but if I use: Number Format -> Percentage, become in 118,48%. Can you help me? Please

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If you want to keep the number as it is, use the custom number format




Keep in mind that you'll have to divide by 100 if you want to perform calculations with the number.

Alternatively, with 1,184893 in A2, enter the formula =A2/100 in B2 and format B2 as a percentage.

You can then use B2 in calculations directly.

@Hans Vogelaar thanks, but I don't have that option, only these:

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What platform are you on? It should be possible to enter a custom number format in Excel for Windows and for Mac. This is not (yet) available in the online (browser) version of Excel.

@Hans Vogelaar
I have same options in both of them, in online versión and Excel for Windows.


This is in Excel for Windows. 0.00\% is not in the list, but I have typed it myself in the Type box: