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Hi all


I use excel for my customer accounts. I'm needing to find out a sum total of all the accounts without having to add them all up individually. Can anyone suggest a formula or a way to do this?


Thanks, Ally

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Maybe with this formula as shown in the attached file.



I need to able to add the totals on every person named at the bottom of the page from A-Z. I have attached a screenshot to show you what I mean


Thanks Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 17.49.17.png


In cell A1 of the attached file you can select the customer from the dropdown in order to sum up the total. Is this what you want to do?



Or, @AMcDonald87 , building on what @Quadruple_Pawn created, using the INDIRECT function, is this what you're looking for. The total of all those subordinate sheets. INDIRECT is the way to do that.