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I am trying to do a spreadsheet that will track statistics from a bowling league. They each player plays 3 games weekly. i can handle if a person misses a week. However, some times they come in late or leave early. So I am trying to write an IF statement that requires the scorekeeper to enter the number of games in an attendance column (Attend). If they play 1 game than 1 would be enter. in the total pins column the formula would intend to say (If (attend = 1 if true then select the total pins from the week prior and add the third game for the current week. However each attempt to write it has resulted in an invalid error. Please let me know how to write that statement..

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The OFFSET() function may help you. Here you can also enter minus values with the 3rd parameter to create areas that have been shifted x columns to the left. With the 5th parameter you can then determine how many columns are selected.

Unfortunately, more information is missing for a more qualified answer. Maybe you can upload an example as a file here or at another filehoster. Then we can certainly help you better.