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In an excel csv file how do I change/add this value  03-32-031-04W5 to this 100/03-32-031-04W5/00 for a column of 400 with different values.


Thank you for your help

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Hi @Wendy2462 ,
are you just meaning you want to add "100/" to the beginning and "/00" to the end of each value?

A CSV File is for storing data only, and wouldn't directly be able to process the data like that, but you could open the CSV to get the data, and then save out an Excel Sheet with a formula to make the data changes.

Open the CSV file, and you can do a simple adjustment to the data with a formula like this 


="100/" & A2 & "/00"




However, notice that this could not handle empty values

if we add some error checking, we can handle empty cells as well

NOTE: If you try to save this back out as a CSV, you might end up with some empty lines from those empty lines, which you may need to trim off after saving, or clear all cells in those rows to get rid of the empty CSV records 


=IF(NOT(ISBLANK(A2)),"100/" & A2 & "/00","")




If you are trying to reference an external CSV File, or vary the "100/" and "/00" per-line you could do that as well, just let us know.