Formulae do not recalculate automatically

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I've never had this happen before.  I change raw data in a spreadsheet and related calculated cells do not automatically recalculate.  They only recalculate after I go into each cell and then into the formula bar and hit enter.


The only thing I can recall that I did recently to this spreadsheet was Check for issues > Inspect workbook.  Could that have caused it?

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Hi Steve,


I don't think the Inspect Document tool is related to this.


It seems that the calculation option in your workbook is set to Manual, to change it to Automatic go to:

Formulas (Ribbon tab) >> Calculation >> Calculation Options >> Automatic


I hope this helps you

Thank you!  That was it.

Correct answer - but for us novices - or semi-literate in Excell
Click on Formula Tab - Calculate Option on far right of that ribbon and you can change it to Automatic.
Something strange is going on with recent updates to Excel 360 - I have multiple spreadsheets that had always auto calculated that stopped doing so.
Took me two days to find the way to turn it back on.
VERY frustrating. . . .
Sorry Haytham - Just saw the rest of your response - You said it right - but still confused as to how it changes to manual in existing spreadsheets.


@Jim-1346  I have a similar problem, but the spreadsheet is set on automatic, yet two cells in the spreadsheet will not update.  Even pressing F9 does not do it.  I have to edit each cell to make it update.  Any ideas?

I use a VBA-routine SUMCOLOR to calculate 2 different summary cells (A and B) with values coming from 1 column. Depending on the background fill colour of the cell the value of that cell is either added to summary cell A or summary cell B. Nothing spectacular. All used to go well for almost 4 years and the Calculation Options was always set to Automatic as described above. As from today (November 1st 2021) that automatic update does not work anymore.
When I change the fill background colour of a cell in the column nothing happens. However when I press the "Undo format cell" button in the left upper corner (or Ctrl-Z) and then the "Redo format cell" button (or Ctrl-Y) the summary cell is adjusted as it should have been when changing the fill background colour in the first place.
Am I forgetting something here?
Thanks for your advice.