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Hello all,

I need help, trying to solve this for a week but I have made no progress. Trying to automate my job just a bit but I am nowhere near the solution.

Column A are main elements, column B are their sub addresses.   I need to check in the other list if element was triggered and mark it green in column C and in the other list. 


   In the other list element is marked 4076.1 with few unimportant numbers before the address (B004076.1).  Can someone point me in right direction, please?

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@Sasha0509 I'm not exactly what you mean by triggered but here's a formula that will return the value in column M based on a partial match by combining columns A & B (placing a period in between those values) and comparing against column L.  


Conditional formatting is then used to make the cells green when the trigger condition is met.  

If this isn't what you're looking for, would you please share screen shots or upload a sample file?  




Sir, you are a wizard. I will test it to see can I apply it but this is definitely way to go. Thank you very much.