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  1. I want to fetch data to display at the template if division is A is selected, all the initiative under division A listed under dropdown to be selected
  2. I want to fetch data to display if Project A is selected, the template shows the prioritization and displays whether the budget type is Capex or Opex.
  3. The budget approve amount, will display amount 315,000 if project A budget type is Capex


NoDivInitiativePrioritizationBudget TypeBudget Approve Amount


Table data

aProject AP2       315,000.00 
bProject BP1   2,400,000.00860,000.00
aProject CP3        860,000.00
dProject DP4   5,000,000.00 
cProject EP2    5,000,000.00
aProject FP3    9,140,000.00
dProject GP4   5,000,001.00 
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anyone can help?


All participants here are users like you who voluntarily spend some of their free time to help others. So you cannot expect an immediate reply.

Where do you want to select division A? And could you provide an example of what the output should look like?

The output:

Division: a
Initiative: Project A
Prioritization: P2
Budget Type: Capex
Budget Approve Amount: 315,000.00

Division: a
Initiative: Project C
Prioritization: P3
Budget Type: Opex
Budget Approve Amount: 860,000.00

@AMZI2001 What about filter function like


where G2 is your dropdown cell and select a