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Need help with building a formula. I'm creating an easy to use estimating workbook for my company and need a formula for returning a manhour rate based on when the work is to be performed i.e normal hours, overtime, weekend or public holiday for a selected trade.


So I have three columns, Trade, Rate Type, Rate Value. User will choose the trade and rate type and based on these choices the formula should return the rate value.


Really appreciate any help.

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I'd say that this is more about set up than formula. Questions to start:-
Have you set up a calendar including a public holiday table?
Do you have a table of Base (normal hours) rates?
Is the realtionship between normal rate and (each) overtime rate the same for each trade?
Also ... if the rate will depend (be calculated) based on WHEN the work is to be performed then I'd expect that input should also include Date and Time is to be performed.